Personal Growth: Top 5 Resources This Week 1-5-13

Jan # 1 Purple quotePersonal growth: do you take time each week to work on you? Want to read some great articles on improving personal growth and work-life balance as a work-at-home business owner?

Each weekend, I list the 5 articles that received the most attention (likes, comments, shares) from my online community. So spend some time catching up on my readers’ favorite articles from the week.

Instead of an overview, I share a sentence or two that stood out when I read the article. Just click on each title to read the full article.

(1) 8 Tips for Setting Nourishing New Year’s Resolutionsby Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Think of resolutions as “intentions.” “That way, you can move in the direction of something that’s important to you, rather than having to change or overcome something all at once,” Judith Matz

(2) Failing to Start: Why We Accept Mediocrity and How to Change – Podcast at

“Most entrepreneurs are so focused on raising more money than their peers that they try to find all the magical steps. A lot of companies become rigid because of fear.” Seth Godin, from his new book  The Icarus Deception

(3) 9 Proven Sales Tips for Introverts

“Becoming passionate about your product or service makes you less interested in how you are perceived and more concerned about showing excitement about what you have to offer.”  Grant Cardone

(4) 9 Surefire Ways to Get What You Want

Don’t build mountains in your mind.  Don’t try to conquer it all at once.  Take everything in stride, one step at a time.” Marc, from Marc and Angel Hack Life

(5) My 3 Words for 2013

Think of three words that sum up what you want to work actionably on changing/improving in the coming year. It works best when the words are positive in spirit and not negative.” Chris Brogan

(I did this last year and liked it much better than a list of hard-to-keep resolutions. What do you think of the “3 words” concept?)

Share! Have you read any great articles on personal growth this week? I’m always looking for new blogs to follow and share on my social networks. List them in the below.  comments

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