Personal Growth Resources – February 16, 2013

Top 5 Personal Growth Resources Feb 16th 2013

Top 5 Personal Growth Resources Feb 16th 2013Do you take time each week to work on you? Want to read some great articles on improving personal growth and work-life balance?

Each weekend, I list the 5 articles that received the most attention (likes, comments, shares) from my online community. So spend some time catching up on my readers’ favorite articles from the week.

Instead of an overview, I share a sentence or two that stood out when I read the article. Just click on each title to read the full article.

(1) 5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders (and How Not to Be One)

“But the successful leaders figure out how to get the job done with the resources they have.” Michael Hyatt

(2) 7 Reasons You’re Not as Successful as You Could Be

“If you wait until all conditions are perfect, you will spend the rest of your life waiting.” – Marc, from Marc and Angel Hack

(3) 10 Must-Read Inspiring Biographies of Business Leaders

No quote for this one, just a few of the leaders to read more about: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Tony Hseih, Martha Stewart and more…

(4)  Why You’re So Afraid of Change (and What You Can Do About It)

“Coping with change well, rather than losing your mind, only requires an adjustment on your outlook and a little evidence of surviving various circumstances.”  Adam Dachis

(5) 7 Qualities of Uber-Productive People

“Remarkably productive people don’t wait for ideas. They don’t wait for inspiration. They know that big ideas most often come from people who do, not people who dream.” Jeff Haden

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