7 Quick Ways to Regain Your Focus


7 Quick Ways to Regain Your Focus in Your Home Office

Stuck in the middle of a project and things just aren’t going the way you want them to? Or have you been trying to focus, but find your mind wandering to any idea but the one you really need to concentrate on?

What you need is a break from the task at hand!

Whether it’s a change of scenery or a change in your thinking process, the 7 ideas below will help you regain your business focus and get back to work.

1. Step outside your “Office”

Even if your “office” is located on a section of the kitchen table, physically leave that area – go to another room, go outside – and do something different for 5-10 minutes.

2. Get in touch with a mentor 

Talking with someone who can hold you accountable will help you get back on track. Share your goals, challenges or past successes with someone who will give you positive (but realistic) feedback.

Or use social media to make your goals public…there’s nothing like a whole community to help you stay accountable!

3. Work on personal growth

Pick an article or favorite podcast, book, website, and read something inspiring for 15 minutes (use a timer so you don’t spend an hour!).

This should help put things into perspective; plus you might learn something new, so you can check “personal growth” off your To-Do list for the day!

4. Tackle a household chore

Pick a 15 minute job  – set a timer! – and go to work. You’ll get a break from work and you’ll accomplish a necessary task.

Whatever chore you pick just make sure that it’s not one that turns into a bigger distraction from your work,  like cleaning out a child’s closet or organizing the garage…

5. Take a break with music 

Pick a few of your favorite, upbeat songs and indulge. Do you use an online site like Spotify to create playlists that fit your mood?

Better yet, pick a few songs that you can dance to and you’ll get 15 minutes of exercise done for the day!

6. Exercise

Choose a 15 minute activity like a quick walk around the block, a few strength-training exercises, or dancing (see idea #5)…anything to give you a burst of energy and a sense of accomplishment at the same time.

7. Work on your long term goals

If today’s To-Do list has feeling you overwhelmed and distracted, think ahead to next week or next month and put those goals down on paper.

Put yourself in a positive frame of mind and think of how good you will feel when you accomplish those long term goals. That should give you renewed motivation to get today’s items done – since you’ll be one step closer to reaching those long term goals.


To get back on track, set a timer, take a 15 minute break, do something for yourself during that time and then come back with a renewed focus.  You’ll feel better and get more done!

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[Post updated 1/12/17]

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